When is a Fine not a Fine ?

When it is meaningless.

Monsanto fined $1.5m for bribery. This is Monsanto the GM seed company. The company which not only modifies seeds so that they can better resist disease and tolerate otherwise poor growing conditions, but can also insert a ‘Terminator’ gene into their seeds so that crops stop. Which means companies, and people – especially the poor who rely on grains as part of their staple diet – have to pay whatever price Monstanto decide they want to set for their ‘produce’. No doubt they can also interfere with the yield – if it can be lifted, it can be forced down too.
So Monsanto told an official to turn a blind eye, and they got fined. Looks impressive does that $1.5 million. Yea, big number, that’ll teach them eh ? Crap it will – profit for last year ? $252 MILLION. Yup, a fine of less than 0.5 of a per cent will really teach them won’t it ??

There should be a Govt Health Warning on private companies like Monsanto who can, as is their want, tinker with the lives of so many people in so many countries.