#IRC and Usenet

I miss chatting with friends on irc.
I don’t mean chatting on #wordpress (which is cool, and the Mugs Gallery is neat !) but chatting like what we used to do on #bodyart-uk. I’m not about to go back to you know where, but I do know that something, controlled by person unknown, sits in the EFNet channel. Bad idea. And reassurances that it is doing nothing ? Yea…course I believe that …. so how about #Freenode and #bodyart ? Whaddya say ?

Usenet. I installed Thunderbird again for someone today, and had to try and explain Newsgroups. I did this after trying to explain RSS. Anyway, got me thinking – I don’t utilise usenet anywhere near as much as I did, yet for me it can be the best source of answers for many many issues, and it’s certainly the best forum for interaction. Given the comment spamming going on now, usenet is pretty spam-free, conversations can be had, and there is good information out there – it’s not all on blogs or in some feed or other. So I’m going to dig through ng’s, find some with a bit of life and go read. And post. Note to self – get another junk account 🙂

4 thoughts on “#IRC and Usenet

  1. I find, personally, that I’ve very little time for IRC, and the odd times I popped in channel, there was noone there… I do miss the days of folk on channel, and good convos at all times…. I may well install it on here too when I get a chance…

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