Sometimes my post titles bear little relation to whatever I write, and other times I want to have the title reflect something to me even though it may appear odd. To that end, I apologise for people reaching this post in the future if they are after a location in the Lake District 🙂

I need to send a “Thank You”” email later to someone, but I can’t send one to Charlene from Park Ridge, IL, US so I’ll have to say a Thank You here instead ! You are very kind Charlene !

Purple. I said purple – no, not my hair, not my clothes. Not telling :p

Tattoos ! What I want literally just popped into my head earlier today. Neil has mentioned before about me having some more ink, and now I know what and where. The designs are in keeping with the previous work in theme – though there will be less colour and more black/grey – and will start at the top of each arm and end at wrist / back of the hand. Not solid sleeve work at all, and there will be two designs/themes – one per arm. I’m going to go see Neil tomorrow, run a few ideas into his head, hopefully get him to draw some prelim stuff onto me and then leave him to it until his imagination has melded together everything I want. In many ways, I’ll be giving him free rein so long as he sticks to what my overall plan is.

Trackback Spam – it’s hitting blogs so if you are not protected, get your spam condom fitted by checking the Combat Comment Spam page here. I’m going to try and update it fully tonight.

5 thoughts on “Scafell

  1. I have decided what my next tattoo(s) will be too but it’ll be a while before I get them done. They’ll be more visible this time too on the back of each calf but nothing like a sleeve 🙂

    This all reminded me that I dreamt I met you a few nights ago. I was looking at your arm tattoos and they were a lot lighter and less noticeable than I expected. Weird how these things pop into your head unexpectedly 😀

    And finally your smilies aren’t working for me when I click on them. I have to put in the code manually.

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