Health Propaganda

Sneaking out of HM Govt on the last day of 2004 was this nugget : Chief Medical Officer’s top ten tips for better health.
Not exactly a huge amount I can pick at right now, but ….

Alcohol consumption – there are no proven figures for safe alcohol consumption by either sex from any health agency at all anywhere ever. It’s all figures grabbed from plucking numbers in the air. Not saying you should drink more, but those figures can safely be regarded as junk.

Make the decision to go for cancer screening when invited.” – What sort of wierd-speak is that ? Why not say “Go.” or “Go when you get a letter”. What’s with this ‘make a decision’ junk ? Isn’t there some sort of Health of the Nation cancer target ? And if there is, you want it lowering, yes ? So be more proactive, tell us to go, force us down to have our soft tissues irradiated, get your targets, save your careers…….

On the roads, THINK safety.” – Note: It does not say drive safely, or walk safely, or even jaywalk safely. It just says we need to THINK. Not think, no, that’s not good enough, we must THINK.