Buying a Compaq

Not for me, for J’s sister. Her cash, me advise, me setup. Me like too – faster than my machine. Oh well.

It is very spooky / odd / unnerving and actually upsetting being around someone who insists on using the name that is written on my birth certificate. It’s a name I haven’t just left behind, I deliberately lost it, ran away from it. It carries with it images and memories that I do not want, I have no time for, I have no need for and while it’s very occasional use is something that I can tolerate, it’s repetition I find uncomfortable.

I was saying to someone the other day that I didn’t listen to Apoptygma Berserk much. It’s all I’ve played since I got back. That and Snow Patrol’s “How to be Dead”.

You know we all have our double ? I saw an exact double of my favourite Welsh lady today, and what was spookier was that the double was Asian.

I’ve used the word Spooky twice so far – sort of, let’s not be pedantic. Not today.