3 thoughts on “Errors

  1. Hadn’t noticed that 🙂

    The errors have happened because I had created some static pages, and in doing so, had made them dependent on parts of WP not moving and not changing too much. The structure of WP has changed though, and this has messed things up.
    While it’s probably a simple fix, it has brought home the fact that this part of my site and it’s functioning correctly is integral to the rest of the site, and that is something I wanted to avoid. It’s not a huge site, but it was here before WP arrived, and I want it to be made in such a way that I could remove any one part and have only minimal changes be needed.

    The design I had planned did remove this dependency in some ways, but like all ideas, they work wonderfully when floating around inside one’s head, and fail in interesting ways when actually applied. Looks like I need to do some thinking !

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