A job at a time

One of the harder things about having no formal instruction in all things computer is that at times the frustration level is huge. I don’t mean frustration from something I’ve done – consequences I can handle – but that which arises when trying to install or otherwise modify software and all you get are errors. Blank installation screens are just not amusing, and error logs that could be written in Greek don’t help either. But then if you do have more formal instruction, when something does come off, you aren’t going to get that really good feeling are you ? I wonder what someone who has been taught in all these things misses the most – screaming like a Banshee or grinning like a loon ?
It’s odd as well because most of the people I know who are cool with computers have no training either – it’s been a case of “click it and see”.

Anyway……using a revolutionary technique, I have actually managed to do a whole heap of stuff today. The technique is one I have read about and heard tales of, but rarely – if ever – tried. I’m not sure if Mr de Bono covers it even. It’s called “Doing one job at a time” – and hey, it works !!! Instead of me thinking “I’ll do the abody site, then the wiki, and check the forums, and check email and Oh, better answer that, and that, and check this, and alter that…..etc etc”, I just did one. And when I finished it, I did another. Amazing stuff, and as daft as it sounds, it took some effort to just keep plugging away. Good stuff.

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