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Equality is a good thing. Living with my wife and two daughters, we make sure that they question any perceived inequalities, especially those that exist between the sexes. Women want equality – fine, no problem, that’s a Good Thing.
So when J gets given – by a friend – a calendar, it should not cause offence. Except that this calendar has, for each month, a topless muscled Fireman on display in what can only be described – in some cases – as provocative poses. The 3 women of this house like this calendar, they like it a lot in fact. I mention that in the interests of equality, I will purchase a calendar that has a topless female on each page – after all, equality is only fair isn’t it ?
Seems that some people are more equal than others … I get shouted down 🙂 I’m told that seeing topless females is rude (1 – not if you are a bloke it isn’t and 2 – rudeness is an opinion, not a fact) and I’m told that having women on display who have better boobs / bodies will upset the women here who cannot compete (I point to the 12 sets of 6-packs of display along with the other enhanced musculature and ask whether that could not make me feel worse – and I’m told tough ! 🙂 )

I think I should be allowed one if I want (this is a principle argument now) but I’m told I cannot show one if I buy one. I think the women are wrong and are effectively wanting to have their cake and eat it.

You say what ?

6 thoughts on “Your Opinion please…

  1. I think you’re absolutely right. Equality means exactly that, not one rule for one side, and another for the other.

    Though personally I find women ogling (sp?) over half naked and totally unrealistic looking men just as tacky as men doing the same thing with half naked and totally unrealistic looking women. But maybe that’s just me. 😉

    (In case you didn’t know I am a woman btw).

  2. Zenith is right about it being tacky* – I can’t say I would particularly want either calendar on display in my house, but of course if J and the girls are “enjoying” theirs, why should you be denied the same pleasure?

    *Vin Diesel calendars excluded.

  3. It sounds to me Mark like you have a very well structured argument which should counteract the sexist debate and prove that equality works both ways.

    Only trouble is you are arguing with 3 women. You are doomed and that’s all there is to it!

    My recommendation: Take up another interest:)

  4. Hm. I think the difference here is what’s being exposed to the eye. Women’s breasts are regarded as sexual objects, usually hidden from view, and thus their exposure has a sense of titillation and eroticism. Men’s chests do not hold the same connotations. However posed, you’re not seeing anything you wouldn’t see walking down the street in the middle of summer. Therefore if you were to get a calendar of scantily clad women – but clad nonetheless – your calendar would then be equal to theirs…. If their calendar was a full nudity one, then yours could do the same. Does that make sense? Not that it makes any odds – you’re on a losing wicket here as it is….arguing with one woman is bad enough – but three?! *grin*

  5. I think it’s tacky, and I wouldn’t have such a calendar (they are only keeping this one to prove a point), but…..if we were abroad on holiday and J went topless, is that sexual ? To a point it may be, but only insofar as a male going topless could titillate a woman with his physique (or not, it works both ways with both sexes) … maybe if the calendar was one of “Miss Tiny Tits” (Vicar of Dibley line there) it would be better ?
    So is it sexuality ? Is it values ? Is it the size of breasts ? The ‘beauty’ of the falseness ?

    Or is it just women wanting things their way ?


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