Podcasting Idea …..

Blog authors submit a short piece that could figure on their blog – that is to a regular reader, the topic would fit (so to speak).
These are submitted as mp3 files, and compiled into one large file:
blog author 1
blog author 2
blog author 3 (you get the idea …)

Download, guess, submit. Could span a couple of editions (issues? casts?), and the bonus is you get to hear the voice behind the keys …
(This idea was mine first! I’ll compile it and such)

(and I don’t have a ‘Daft Ideas’ category …….)

One thought on “Podcasting Idea …..

  1. Good idea. See you’re starting to think about the potential 🙂

    I’m waiting for the first WordPress podcast that would be twenty minutes of a round up of what’s going on the the community…sort of what happening on Weblog Tools Collection and Blogging Pro but in audio form.

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