Lie on my couch ?

After reading (yet again – said in the nicest way!) about podcasts on Gary’s blog, I’ve clicked a few links and read some more…..
Do I need an iPod ? No.
Do I need any sort of fancy mp3 player in fact ? No.
Do I have to be all high-powered and geeky to listen to a podcast – Doubtful.
Do I have to buy any expensive programs ? No.
Is it really really easy to sort out ? Oh yes, yes it is.

I haven’t got an iPod, though I do have a shiny new mp3 player thanks to some wonderful people who read here … I haven’t checked if I can say thanks publically so I won’t but I do say Thanks again (if that makes sense) though I’m not sure how much I’ll use it to listen to these items.

  1. Download and install ipodder
  2. Go somewhere like here –, get feeds, put feeds into ipodder
  3. That’s it really …..

I forced a couple of updates, checked the mp3 files came in correctly and played in Winamp and now I’ve around 15 feeds all ready to do whatever they do whenever they do it, and at some point I’ll check the folder into which these things download and listen to them.

I’ve got a range of feeds – including Adam Curry and Dawn/Drew – and I’ll try to make a habit of listening regularly every day ….. Not having a journey to work, I don’t have a time that is naturally devoid of interesting stuff to do when listening to a podcast may be diverting so I’m not sure how I’ll build this into what I do, but I’ll try.
And at some point in a week or two I’ll dig out the post I made about Podcasts before and see if I’ve changed my mind.

Update: Dawn and Drew ? Hmmmm…….. odd, boring, and strangely stilted. But it’s #1 …..

3 thoughts on “Lie on my couch ?

  1. Odd is certainly a good description for DandD. It grew on me though and I like it now…although I listen to it while I’m out and about and I think that helps (if you know what I mean). I do think Podcasting has potential – but real ‘talent’ hasn’t taken it up yet. There are still a lot of pioneers.

    I look at it this way – think of all the bands and comedians or commentators (think in terms of good talk show hosts) who are trying to break into mainstream media. All they need to do is start podcasting and if they are good then word will get out. I think of it in the same sense as there are some great writers who are writing their own blogs and I may never have got to read their work if they only had mainstream outlets – which would have invariably had to go through a dozen editors and been slanted to the political whims of the publication owners.

    The decentralisation of media creation, and it could get very interesting. Not only from the point of view of the talent yet to be discovered – but of how the mainstream will react to it.

    Course it could just be a fad 😉 But I smell potential.

    Think I might have to write up some proper thoughts on this…

  2. “Think I might have to write up some proper thoughts on this…”
    I think you should 🙂

    And I’ll have to get used to actively listening …. not a well-used skill given the living arrangements :p

  3. Podcasting is an interesting technology. I too think the idea that you have to have an Ipod to do it is misleading. The iPod is rubbish for recording, in fact I think the only decent way to record on it is through a Linux hack that AFAIK is not available to later generational models. Of course good software and microphones are available for other machines. Other MP3 players are cheaper and more versatile than the iPod.

    In terms of potential, there is a huge potential for education. People, even small people and disabled people can record thoughts and responses and have them made available to audiences of their choice.

    One of the limiting factors of course is the size of the resulting MP3. Not everyone understands reducing bit rates to keep file sizes down and not everyone understands that some people have slower internet connections.

    I guess that’s my very PC look at it. And I’ll have to write up something properly too. 😉

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