Stuff, just stuff

This isn’t site stuff but a browser security check is usually a good idea, even if you do use Firefox 🙂 I needed to update the Java RE by a few versions which is no hassle to do.
I also noticed that my bandwidth has again broken it’s own record. Apart from finding this an informative and stimulating site that makes you sit up and ponder deeply and word of this spreading so far and wide that my readership has risen dramatically (yea..right), I’m guessing it’s bots stealing bandwith, so this post which details steps to take was interesting (link found over at the damned useful weblogtools), and I’ve implemented the .htaccess and WP steps. I’m fully expecting someone to email me and tell me there has been a wee problemette somewhere.

And I’ve sorted out a couple of computers for people over the last week – why oh why oh why do they sell them with such a pathetic amount of memory yet fill them to the gills with so much crap that once it’s loaded it gets into a sweat running Notepad ? It’s not even like you can go into a shop and buy branded memory is it ? Why don’t they ship stuff with 512meg as an absolute minimum ? 128meg is a joke, and a pathetic one at that – the number of times I have to explain that “No…that 40G HD is not memory, really, no, the man in the shop was lying, he was lying, yes, really”. Oh well.. keeps me busy.