4 thoughts on “Science News Article | Reuters

  1. Spooky? Nah. I’d have thought wild animals rely on instinct and are pretty much in tune with their environment…which means they wouldn’t have been taken unaware nursing hangovers on the beach, trapped in shops checking out tacky souvenirs, or stood on the shoreline thinking “Ohh what a big wave! Where’s me camera?”

    They would have legged it.

    Just call me Doolittle 😉

  2. That doesn’t really surprise me, I’ve always thought that on a certain level animals are far more sensible than us. Probably because they see the world at a far more “simple” level, free of all the junk that normally inhabits our minds. We probably have that same “sixth sense” but we just can’t here it because we’re too busy worrying which swimsuit we’re gonna wear/which bar we’re gonna collapse at in the afternoon.

    Still, if I ever move near a beach -I’m gonna keep a large group of sheep/cows/elephants/whatever with bells round their necks. If they break the fence I’ll know somethings up………

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