Missing OS

So I took the plunge…backed up data, put the Ubuntu CD into the drive, and rebooted. Initially I was trying for a dual boot, and despite some extra reading on partitions I must have done something wrong. It said it would reboot into Ubuntu, but a black screen just hung there, so I killed the power and restarted – brief flash of the bios screen, then a delightful message

Missing Operating System

I was that surprised at seeing this that I actually looked down to check the computer was actually there 🙂 So….dual boot wasn’t going to happen in a hurry, and it was obvious that XP was more X than P. Go for the full job !
Much easier – less reading more clicking – though again it hung part way through something (I should have kept notes) but when I pressed the PrtSc button – after working my way along the function keys – I started seeing lots of text telling me about all these packages that were unselected, now selected, now unpacked (?) … and in the end, after a loooooooong time, it booted into Ubuntu, the full jobbie. Brown…..have I mentioned the brown before ? Not the best design decision eh?
Anyway….lots of it works, but my wireless nic does not. I tried to dig through menus but I got lost – I’ll admit that in the end I didn’t know what I was doing, so after checking out the games and a few other apps, I replaced XP in full. What I’m going to do is find someone who knows Linux – regardless of flavour – and trade them something in return for their putting it onto my machine. Seems to be the only way I’ll ever get there I think. Still, it was interesting, my doubts have been dispelled – and I didn’t swear once – honest !

Now to sort my PGP key out again….

One thought on “Missing OS

  1. it’ll be that your boot loader didn’t catch win XP properly… was it grub that had loaded on?
    I’d offer you the install if I was closer to ya 🙂
    If you want to have another go, and need any q’s answered, drop me a line and I’ll help all I can…

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