T2: next

Today saw the start of what I hope will turn out to be a “good thing” for me. I both cannot and will not say much right now – one reason being that I just know if I explain it all something will occur and it won’t come to fruition. It’s a few months away though .. so I’ve got time to make it happen, I’ve got time for you to forget in case it does not and I’ve got time to to alter things should that be needed. So today has been busy with code, tomorrow looks like it will be equally busy, and then I can concentrate on the task at hand………. be neat if it all comes off.
There was another reason for writing this too …. I’ve not been cryptic for ages (though a recent post was so subtle you all missed it 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “T2: next

  1. I’m a dunce, so thing all of your posts contain at least a little cyrptic stuff… I hope that post don’t mean I’m wrong! We love cryptic Mark! :p

    Good luck if it’s needed, vibes comin from this end too..

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