Interviewing: Me

In the entry a couple of posts down, I said that I wished I’d interviewed me. Nothing cryptic there (apologies Dino !) just a simple statement.

It’s getting to that time of year when people will make all sorts of resolutions (which are promptly broken) and it’s also when we wish the people closest to us our best despite the fact that it is us who will hurt those people the deepest in the coming months. You are going to look into someone’s eyes and wish them a great / prosperous / happy / wonderful / whatever 2005 yet you will cause that person the most pain too – why do we do that ? Before I go off on one …. I wish I’d interviewed me. Don’t you wish you’d interviewed you ?

I’d like to talk to me. I’d like to know who I was, why I was, where I saw me. Why have I turned out the way I have ? (Stupid – I pretty much know THAT one), but I mean things like what I believed, what I hoped – you know the stuff. We all change and while those huge changes are easy to pin down to events, the small ‘drip drip’ changes produce equally significant changes but their start – and maybe even the finish – is nigh on impossible to nail down. It would be nice to have some sort of record – a snapshot – of where I was. Not where as in “Look there’s a map” but where as in the deeply personal (spiritual if you will), the essence. Wouldn’t you like something like that ? If someone gave you a list of questions, a few days to answer and then said you could have your answers back in 5 years, would you do it ?

The questions would be important though wouldn’t they ……..

One thought on “Interviewing: Me

  1. It was *vague* then as its passed me by completely but that could have just been down to the season 🙂

    I really shocked myself this year by actually keeping my one and only resolution. After a New Year party in 2003 we had a heap of rubbish so we promised to start recycling and maintain it as long as possible. We’re still at it yet 🙂

    Questions… the hell could you only pick 5? That would be a difficult task….answering them truthfully could be pretty tough too

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