Making waves

There’s a lot of death and destruction around the Indian Ocean.
That’ll be the death and destruction that could have been avoided in part but as there was undoubtedly a budgetary impact, the Government’s involved will have done the Cost / Benefit analysis, and conceded that it wasn’t worth it. Think about it – if getting all the resources / joining up and whatever would only have cost a few pounds, they’d be in wouldn’t they ? So if that’s the case, someone somewhere opted them out. Doesn’t change the number of deaths, but it should change a perspective.
What really annoys me about this though is that people who wouldn’t normally give money to charity will do. The ‘great and the good’ (not my opinion) will be rolled out for appeals. There will be a “big fuss”. While I’m not saying that the people involved are not worthy of help, why are not the same people making a “big fuss” over the amount of homelessness and child abuse that goes on in this country ? Where was the Band Aid single for battered kids ? For homeless men and women ? The child doesn’t get to opt-in or opt-out of this do they ? What’s the Cost / Benefit on that one ?

It is really harder on the conscience to know someone was swept to their deaths on a remote beach in a country you will never go to rather than a child being sexually abused and beaten in the same street, behind the door you walk past every day ?

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  2. I agree that this sort of catastrophe brings all-sorts out of the woodwork and it does tend to put other “priorities” in the shade. What really annoys me though is that millions of pounds is now going to be spent in aid for the affected areas. Not that I begrudge that but if these millions had been spent on an “early warning system” for the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean as they have in the Pacific Ocean then the catastrophic effects could have been reduced though never eradicated, and maybe it wouldn’t be costing as much now. I suspect that nothing will be done again despite the fact that the subject has obviously been raised, so the next time this happens yet more £millions will be needed.

  3. Total Cynic Mode:
    – The ‘Powers that be’ decided that in the event of such a catastrophe, aid would be forthcoming from all over the world.
    – The ‘Powers that be’ decided that as they live away from the seafront (and otherwise had no involvement with properties at risk) they need take no action in removing money best spent on themselves / war / political skullduggery.
    – The ‘Powers that be’ decided that IF the worst happened, and WHEN the world handed over tons of cash and goods, they could use that for their own nefarious purposes, and get richer as a consequence.

  4. The world has to get biblical on our ass before we actually wake up from our comfortable lives and pay attention to what’s going on. The child suffering next door, although their pain and suffering is no less, just doesn’t make as good TV as tourists being washed away by a big wave.

    It takes an incredible amount of conscious effort for anybody to do anything to help by stepping out of their own comfort zone. It probably harks back to our baser instincts of survival of the fittest – and to counteract these baser instincts takes a conscious effort that is helped along by belief, or sheer determination, or guilt. Why do you think appeal advertisements are targeted like they are? Why don’t they just state the facts? Because that doesn’t help with the guilt.

    Do you think there would have been that much coverage if it hadn’t been a Western holiday resort and tourists hadn’t been affected?

    I deliberately watched a documentary about the Sudan crisis because I’d heard news snippets – and it was horrendous…it just wasn’t right. MBH said to me ‘That’s terrible, why doesn’t anyone help?’ and I said to her ‘Because they don’t have anything we [the ‘civilised’ world] want or need’. All I’ve done is watch a documentary, I haven’t donated, and only when I think about it do I feel ashamed for my inaction. I really don’t know if my donation would help on the ground – because I don’t trust the agencies or the governments.

    I hate cynicism – but it’s damn had to shake off.

  5. I don’t think we can appreciate it – Hollywood has done too good a job over the years with their disaster movies. We are dulled to the numbers too.

    Heartless statement: Billions in cash isn’t going to bring back a single life.

    And trust people ? Nope, neither do I. That’s why I would rather give any money I have to a Big Issue seller.

  6. Surely you aren’t suggesting that as the governments have fucked up that we should just let these people continue to die horrible deaths over the next few months from diseases that can be avoided by external help. Also I guess they would have had a good time trying to explain expenditure on a pre-warning system when tsunami are very rare occurrences and the countries affected are already strapped for cash.

    Big Issue sellers….very rarely would I consider donating here in Ireland. Around our area its 99% immigrants selling them and I’m sorry but why come here if you can’t support yourself?

    Hollywood has numbed me to figures and TV reports but I found the photos of bloated, rotting semi-naked corpses on the front page of The Mirror today pretty horrific.

  7. Oh and the difference between child abuse and homelessness IMO its down to scale and visibility. Thousands of people don’t die from either of these in the space of minutes. Also child abuse tends to happen behind closed doors or else we close our eyes to the signs as we do with homelessness. I figure that if it doesn’t directly affect a person they tend not to get worked up about it. The TV pictures and newspaper photos directly affect people and they will respond.

  8. I heard that less than a year ago, they decided not to implement an early warning system -that would’ve given people vital hours to get out of the way- as it was too expensive when compared to the chances of a disaster like this happening. Didn’t that one come back to slap them in the face?

    If only the nations of the world had got together to help them build an early warning system, then they could’ve saved far more lives then simply throwing money at it AFTER the event.

    And where are the troops? Right now they need more than money, they need skilled people. Have we (I’m in the UK) sent an RAF force to help? Has the US sent just one of their 15-odd Carrier Battle Groups, and the wealth of helicopters, medical personnel, troops and food and medical supplies that reside on these?

    Of course not. It’s too close to Christmas to send out the troops for a really good reason.

    It’s time for the world to get their act together. Events like this WILL happen again, and they will have an effect on more and more people as the worlds population grows. With all the money, technology and skills we have in the developed world -we can do far better than this.

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