I need to ramble

so I will.

PC RPG. Any recommendations ? I’m thinking of Icewind Dale / Neverwinter Nights type stuff. (Not online / Final Fantasy)

Lots of scribbling and fighting with images followed by accepting a second rate plan means my layout is sorted, but the navigation isn’t. Well, it is actually, for those that use a w3c compliant browser … lots of Eric Meyer code behind the current navigation and none of the IE fixes .. not sure what to do. Guess I’ll get something online then ask a few people to look at it…

I wish I’d interviewed me. More later if the mood stabilises.

Site fully backed up, as is usual for the month end. I watched some of it in the background as I was gimping and was quite surprised how much in unused files were (was?) on the server, so I’ve deleted a pile of stuff there too.

PHP killer app – a file reclaimer. I’ve yet again had to move a folder of php created files to a specific folder on the server which at some point I will ask the host to wipe. Have to do this because as I’m not allowed to be the owner of the files, I cannot delete them. I can chmod all day, but I can’t delete. And this time, I’ve even got files which I’m not allowed to move ! Can someone please please create a small chunk of code which will give me full ownership of a file to do with what I want. (And no, I don’t have root and I’ve tried all that -rm malarkey before).

Halo / Halo 2. Have played both now. If I had bought them, I would have returned them to the shop under the Trade Descriptions Act. I would have pointed to the word ‘game’ and said “where ?“.

And I have just seen the oddest thing yet on a torrent – a tennis match.

2 thoughts on “I need to ramble

  1. Halo…totally agree with that. Played the first one for a couple of hours, and was glad Id not payed any money for it. My XBox fanboy mate James keeps banging on about how great it is, so I gave it another go 6 months later. Still shit. PC RPGs…give Dungeon Siege a go…I thought that was alright…bit Diablo 2-esque but with fancier gfx.

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