Headache Day

Not had a corker of a bad head for a while, so it’s overdue.

The redesign I said I’d do ? It’s on hold again. I put a skeleton of sorts together just to check for any issues, and found a huge one with the way it was structured – this part, the blog. Any design I do must be such that I can remove a complete section and it would have no impact on any other. The way I was going to do it, the blog impacted outside of itself which won’t do. Not complex to fix at all, but I need to rethink how I am going to do things.

Did I mention that Abilon was fixed ? I went through my feeds, and chopped a few out, reloaded and repeated until the error resulted. Turned out that something in the Codex feed was breaking Abilon, and the chap behind Abilon has now fixed it ! Quality support for a free product – can’t argue with that eh ? And I do have to say that having again tried many many RSS readers over the couple of days I was Abilon-less, Abilon beats the lots hands down.

Off now to continue backing data up, and trying to find a password on an incomprehensible german forum 😉 (Update: pw found)