It’ll be right this time.

David Coulthard. Not a chance…

  • “David Coulthard firmly believes …….. he’s still one of F1’s top drivers.” – And I’m the world’s best PHP coder.
  • “Was I performing at my maximum? No,” he continued. “Why not? Because of the situation at McLaren. They have won two races in two years.” – They ? THEY ? You mean YOU ! The car only seats one yer daft Scot.
  • “I have not been in the same environment as my key competitors.” – you whinging tosser.
  • “They are secure, wanted….” and you weren’t ? You weren’t part of the longest stable team in F1 for years ?
  • “There was a failing on my part last year when I couldn’t deal with the one-lap qualifying” – nothing to do with the rest of your pretty dismal performance ?

Planet F1 News

Standard junk really. Format is always “It went wrong before, it wasn’t my fault, nothing to do with me, they couldn’t do it properly, now I’ve found the right formula, now it’s going to be great, now I’ll show them.” Bollocks. Sport or real life, those excuses are bollocks. It all turning out crap again isn’t just a remote possibility or even a chance – it’s a rock-solid guarantee.
Oh yes.

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  1. His chin is only that big cos of all the muscles he’s developed grinding his teeth as his opononents zoom past him and over the finish line ahead of him, again, and again, and again….. *grin*

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