Post strike over Christmas hours
“….the Communication Workers Union says an early finish on Christmas Eve is a traditional right which its members have enjoyed since the 1970s.”
“Andy Fury of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said post office managers are being mean and over demanding. Workers “deserve the time off to be with their loved ones and families,” he told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme. ”

Have the decency to be honest about this …. you all want to go to the pub and get smashed out of your skulls. Families ? Crap 🙂

(Piss Off Early Tomorrow It’s Christmas)

2 thoughts on “Poetic

  1. It bad here too… the govt are closing a parcel delivery service that is loosing millions. It would mean the loss off 150 jobs or so. 200 or have opted voluntarily for redundancy, so no net loss… yet they go on strike!
    You’ve got to love Ireland 🙂

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