Diablo NoNo

As I was saying, I came across some Diablo2 stuff last week and downloaded a character file.
What you can see is just the helmet stats – the armor / boots / gloves / weapons / belt stats are all equally good. In fact his boots are phenomenal – he moves so fast I expect him to hurdle stuff. So, after being amazed that this character file is (a) not a disguised virus and (b) opens correctly in D2, I start playing. Big mistake.
It’s good fun not having to worry about energy, having all the mini-mission stuff completed, and it’s great seeing levels I’ve yet to do. But then it’s not too. Oddly, this character gets wiped out nearly every time I try to kill Diablo, yet all the other bosses he just romps in and does his ‘slice and dice’ act. Having done a heap with this guy, it makes it all the harder to go back to the character I have got. It’s not like some sort of ‘invincibility’ cheat you could get in an old arcade game where you activate the cheat to learn attack waves and such, this just makes me look at my character and wonder just how many (many many many) hours I’ll have to play to get even close (and I assume that the downloaded guy is not an Editor creation). So as much fun as it was, playing this has spoiled things, at least for a while…..oh well, I’ve still got Warcraft 🙂

2 thoughts on “Diablo NoNo

  1. It seems someone had fun playing with an editor. Most of those stats are just not attainable on anything legitimate.

    Whilst I can imagine having some fun playing with those sort of items for a while, Ive had more fun with my own characters, and with finding my own equipment. Two of my most challanging characters where the last two necromancers who just used items they found (didn’t even give them equipment from other characters)

    Must get back to diablo soon, just need to think about what character to build next.

  2. I must admit that I was wondering just how in hell (intended 🙂 )anyone could get not just one bit of kit like that, but the rest too. Still, like I said, it was fun not having to run away 🙂

    Warcraft .. must finish it.

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