As festive as a brick

But then I don’t do this Christmas thing really – it’s for kids isn’t it ?

Torrents seem odd at the moment – a lot of them appear to be there, but they don’t get announced, so don’t start (even the legal ones !).

And I’m getting mightily fed up of what is currently the longest state of ‘downtime’ my head has been in for ages. It is incredibly annoying, and there’s sod all I can do about it.

Tried Bloglines today seeing as Abilon is still b0rked. What on earth do you lot see in it ? It’s appalling ! Really, it is.

And the Gimp ? Gone gone gone. Tried updating GTK+, didn’t help. Uninstalled and reinstalled, nope. I use screenshots a lot and it’s a function I cannot do without – how else can I show layouts without revealing the code ? – so without it, the Gimp became useless. PSP reinstalled. (I did try the delayed ‘snapshot’ type function, but that’s no good for capturing hovered effects like tooltips).

Wonder if there’s anything good on the TV …