Because of my shoulder, the ironing hasn’t been done so I’ve a towering pile of that which needs getting through today. Just need to pick which film(s) to put on while I get through it…

CD’s. I try to keep things in order, but I fail. I thought I was quite good, but over the last few days I’ve dug all over the place and sorted the boxes I lobbed them into. Commercial discs are fine – they have these useful things called ‘labels’. It’s all my backups and such which are throwing me. As a consequence in front of me I have about 20 CD’s which have no information on, but which I’m sure contain stuff – I just have no clue what. So that’s another job for today – find out, copy, keep or junk.

And Diablo2 …. haven’t mentioned this for a while, partly because I got distracted by other games / life / stuff. Last week I’m randomly following links, found a blog post about Warcraft, followed that, ended up reading about Diablo2, and then clicked a link which downloaded a character to my machine. The file is fine. The character works. But it was a big mistake to do that. Yup, huge. I’ll post later…..

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