RSS go Boom!

Abilon has, for some reason, had an argument with the C++ gubbins inside this machine, and refuses to play ball. Email and error mesage sent to the developers. But I need my RSS …… off to Google I go.
I few months ago I pondered the issue of RSS readers and I find that the situation has not really changed. RSS Bandit sounded good, but it too, despite being OSS, wants the MS .NET framework. I do not want that. From a previous comment by someone here, I’ve just grabbed Mono which apparently can replace .NET .. okay .. but Mono has just arrived as a 26meg+ download. All I want is to read news !!!
Googling for “windows rss reader” shows me I’ve tried everything there bar the paid stuff. I dimly recall trying a trial of Feed Demon, but the trial ran out.

Seeing as I have xampp open constantly, I guess my answer must be in using that somehow (and FOF is too ugly !).

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