What a big box !

Remember my shoulder went weird last weekend ? GP said today it’s ‘frozen’ – now there’s a medical term that would seem to bear little relation to the actual facts. He’s offered me steroid injections when it recurs (note the when) and I have declined. What with the meds I am on and the meds I will be on very soon and the pile of side-effects I have now, I sure as hell don’t want steroids adding to the pile. Bah.

As the CD drive had bitten the dust (or the other way around maybe), we got another today. As it’s J who is the major beneficiary of what comes out of said drive, she chose a DVD Rewriter. Purely on the basis of greater data storage you understand, and as a result, I’m currently establishing which programs will be able to assist in this efficiency effort 😉
Drive was a doddle to install – though I didn’t realise it’s got an IR sensor and the drawer keeps opening when my knee goes past as I move – but then my sound-card had a huge battle, albeit it silently, with a particle of dust so small it was invisible to the naked eye. The sound-card lost and was rendered invisible to the rest of the computers software. Much annoyance, one Hoover and a can of windscreen-cleaner (don’t ask!) later I finally got the things all working again. At which point, the computer has an attack of amnesia and felt the need to get fully re-acquainted with the bloody printer (Lexmark printers are foul creations)… I was none too happy by this time.

And, I had a surprise today from the very generous Carthik. Along with a gift (which will come in very useful indeed!) was a package of two Cd’s (Live and Install) – Ubuntu. I’ve tried the Live-CD:
– screen shifts to the right by about 10mm
– I can see, by going through menus, that it can see my NIC, but from reading on their forums, it doesn’t quite know what to do about it.
Now if I could have one machine on my right with Ubuntu being installed, while I could read everything on-line on this machine, that would be damn useful….not going to happen, but useful 🙂 What I do have now though is a way of very easily backing up all my personal data, and the going for a dual-boot install – that is tempting…. though I have to be honest and say that the last day or two I’ve been pondering still just why I want to do this – there are enough OSS toys I want to play with in Windows without needing to go down the Linux path…the way my moods are, it’ll probably just happen 🙂 It’s great to have a complete option here though, and one that has been recommended by so many people – it helps to focus my ponderings and also gives me one site to look for knowledge. Hey, it could even be fun ! Thanks Carthik 🙂

5 thoughts on “What a big box !

  1. if you figure out the network card thing, make sure you post here about it. 🙂 I’ve been messing w/ Ubuntu on a laptop we’re giving my sis-in-law for christmas, but if the networking doesn’t work, I’ve got to go back to winblows…

  2. Spot on there Phil !
    At some point, I shall dig into this, though given the time of year, the kids being around and the numerous distractions, I think I’ll just read stuff for the next couple of weeks.
    The words ‘linux’ and ‘works out of the box’ just do not seem to apply to me what with the wireless nic, now the monitor…wonder what’s next 🙂

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