6 thoughts on “WTF ?

  1. I am finding it extremely annoying that while one person can do one thing, yet preach another, no-one is calling him.

    Not a single person is saying “Hang on there, you are saying this about privacy, but you did that …”

    Why ?

    Answer is either:
    – They do not believe that he did violate privacy
    – That they think he walks on water and can do no wrong

    I’ve asked before for his IP address, and at least, at the very least 4 people who read this site can give me the information I want, yet it is not forthcoming. Why ?

    I don’t care for the “I’m not taking sides” argument – it doesn’t wash. It’s very very very simple – do you know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG ?

  2. Guess I’m one of the 4 people you’re on about. I’d have no problem supplying anyone’s IP address but I don’t know how to go about getting it and tbh I don’t want to know how to identify it. I’m sure you’re able to get it yourself anyway?

    On the other thing I’m no longer going to comment on that as we’ll just go round in circles of crap until we’ll eventually fall out

  3. I imagine that I’m also one of those 4 people, but like Dino, I don’t know how to find it, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t supply it to anyone, simply due to the fact that it’s none of my business, and blaming me for not helping your personal feud is a bit out of line. My opionions on what have happened before are well known, and I’ve nothing against either of you, but don’t really appreciate that it’s implied that I’m a fence sitter who has no convictions. I do have them, but without dragging everything up again, it almost comes down to one word against another, and as I’ve no reason to believe either are lying, my opinions are open.

    I know the difference between right and wrong, very much so, but have no proof there’s been a huge wrong that’s happened.

    I love you guys, can’t folk just move on? If you want nothing to do with him, why keep mentioning him at all? Why read his blog at all? There’s only s*it being slung one way here…

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