Fiddling and rambling

My youngest informed me late last night that one of the lads that was in the ‘singing’ group is the local hardcase (8-12 age group, low-forehead required for membership, IQ optional) would just have spent any money on booze and cigs. Ha !

Anyway……been playing with the new Dashboard feature in 1.3 (oops, 1.5pre-alpha-6). Neat it is, though after my initial ‘cool!’ I’m not quite sure what use it will be to me. A single user blog doesn’t really need a list of the latest posts does it ? Also, it comes with a feed to the WP Devblog, which is great for those of you who don’t visit there (and I know from emails at least a few of you rely on reading here to catch up on what’s what thinking if I mention it it must be important 🙂 ) but as I do read there, it’s of no use to me. So I’ve fiddled, and continue to do so. Now I have:
– blog stats (there by default) (There are currently 875 posts and 1,707 comments, contained within 19 categories.)
– drafts list (there by default)
– last 5 comments (there by default, though I’ll be adding a link to comment moderation. If I choose this screen as a login (by editing another file) and see spam or other crap, I would want to get straight to the comment mod, not take an extra couple of clicks)
– it shows the number of images in my images directory
– it shows the last time I fiddled with the css
– I have a cartoon feed 🙂 (Go read this one !)
and later I’ll add some more stats stuff for something to do.
If this attracts you to a nightly, remember it’s alpha software, the db could go bang etc etc etc.
Oh yes, and WP version 1.2.2 has been out a few days.

I need a separator with a quicktag …

I’m pondering writing a review of the last 13 months. Not as a post, more of a page and not because of the year changing as much as my meds being altered soon and that just happening to be around the same time. Do you ever read back over your blog ? I don’t mean the odd post that may strike a chord, I mean read it. I don’t but I wonder, if what is meant to happen does happen, how the tone and content of this blog will change over the next 12 months compared to the last 12/13 months. I’ll not see it – being too busy experiencing – but it does make me wonder somewhat.

And don’t hold me to the site redesign – I need to play with tags to see what I can do first.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Would you happen to know if that issue with the ‘next page’ that I mentioned in the forum, is still happening in the 20/12 nightly?

    I was just about to download it and give it a try but if you have it running already, would you mind having a look and checking…

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