Dodgy Shoulder

I woke up about 3am today in a lot of pain from my right shoulder. Painkillers haven’t helped and between us we don’t know what’s gone wrong.
J – apart from thinking it’s very amusing indeed and taking the p constantly (which is only fair revenge) – thinks it’s a dislocation, Jase thinks it’s a trapped nerve, and I just know that while my arm can move a certain amount in certain planes without any discomfort at all, even the tiniest movement in another direction causes an amazing pain. It’s not any sort of RSI type injury – the pain is too specific around the shoulder joint. Typing is slow and my right arm is tight against my side and supported on the chair arm – not a good posture.
How the hell can I dislocate my shoulder in my sleep ? She thinks it’s that because it’s held at a funny twisted angle. Trip to the GP tomorrow I think…

5 thoughts on “Dodgy Shoulder

  1. Ouch. Hope the doctor sorts it out for you. Sounds like a trapped nerve to me, unless you went sleep walking, tripped, and dislocated your shoulder? Seems unlikley. I didn’t think joints came out of place THAT easily! Or do they? Cripes -I’m never gonna sleep tonight now………

  2. Rang the surgery – I’ve got to go there on Wednesday anyway. Explained the situation – my right shoulder is actually dropping and is below the left. Less pain but it’s still wrong.
    She said they would send me Casualty.
    Hmm… bugger that today 🙂

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