CD Drive Troubles

Know of any good CD drive testing programs ?
Writing to CD is okay, reading / booting from a CD is impossible. LED flashes on/off regularly, not the rapid reading I’d expect.

So…test and then dismantle to try and repair is it ?

Update: Fixed. Knoppix rant coming soon.

Update#2: Drive is screwed again. Won’t read from anything now – music cd / game cd / backup data cd. Hopefully these things are cheap….

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  1. you tried unplugging and reconnecting the IDE and power cables to it? Mine do it occasionally, and that seems to fix it…dunno whether its something to do with the vibration caused by the motor spinning at high speeds working them loose or something similar.

  2. Cheers Steve – was hoping you’d be around 🙂

    It’s still odd.
    Burnt an OpenCD the other day, and the CD wouldn’t read in my machine, but it did in D.’s. I used an image though, so no problems.
    I’ve got a Knoppix LiveCD (well 2 now..) which are burned okay (used a different program for each) but which the drive won’t read. I fiddled with the cables, and then tried a Game CD (Unreal II which was lying around).
    Inserting that gives the install stuff, so the drive IS working okay now, it just won’t read cd’s I create. For most stuff that’s no issue right now, but for a LinuxLiveCD, I can’t use an image …..

    I’m stumped….and annoyed…
    (Nero / Deepburner were used btw)

  3. Now isn’t that a co-incidence? I burned a GentooLive CD yesterday. I’m currently dual-booting XP and Fedora3 but I can’t pick up my USB ADSL modem in Linux. Thought I’d give something else a try. Anyway I find that the CD drive LEDs generally flash at regular intervals whilst the drive is trying to mount the CD. Basically I think that the longer this takes the worse state the CD is in for whatever reason – maybe the disc itself or write-errors. I know that if I create a boot-disc that takes a while to mount, when I re-boot the machine there will be a good chance that it skips the boot-disc because it’s taken too long. I can tell you that more accurate disc writing is achieved by using lower write-speeds but people tend to be too impatient to slow things down. This slow-down is particularly important when it comes to music CDs. For this reason I use 2 different burning applications. CD Architect is for music but this is “Redbook Standards” and expensive so I’ll say no more. For data etc. discs I use Nero. I have the full version which also contains software for testing your discs and drives.

  4. That’s cool Steve 🙂
    I’d done a runthrough over at PCWorld and found something there for the same. Mind…J says “Would it be much more to get one that does DVD’s too ?” and a quick look now says no, not really……. though I’ve not looked at formats.

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