An 18Kb Wiki

Playing around with Mediawiki earlier was driving me nuts. I use it because it’s the same wiki as used on the WP Codex and it’s a good wiki – even Wikipedia use it. There’s the clue though – two projects use it.. and here’s me trying to tweak it here and there for my personal use. Big and effective it might be (it’s a beast of a download, the .tar.gz file being 1.5meg) but when all I want to do it change a bit here and there …….
So I went hunting. And I found what I want.

18Kb download. Unzipped, installed and with the GPL file removed, it comes in at a rather light 21Kb – with the one and only php file being 10Kb of that. Here’s the nitty gritty: “TipiWiki is simple, featureless and small. There are no users, no passwords, no version, no backups, no diffs and no database. TipiWiki is created after KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid!”
For what I want for personal data, given that with this I have total control over every aspect of presentation, and that it’s xhtml strict out of the box, I think this is certainly worth a bash !

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