I feel like crap…and for various reasons I’m incredibly tired, but it’s just that bit too early to go bed and of course when it’s the right time, I’ll have woken up again. Don’t you hate that?

Lottery. The draw has just taken place. Now watch TV later….and there will be an update. In that update, the announcer will say “The numbers for the draw on Saturday 18 December have been confirmed as…….” Why does he say that ? Why does he say “been confirmed” ? It’s not like he can say “We made a bit of a mistake earlier with the announcements, and when I said that the number 10 came out I was wrong, and you didn’t actually see a number 10 ball either despite what was on the TV because really it was number 41. We did check – honest ! – and there was no number 10 ball. So if you thought you saw a number 10 ball, you were in fact mistaken. It was a 41. Okay ?”