3 things

One – I told you I’d wake up.

Two – I had a Very Clever Idea. If I do ever get a linux distro to talk to my nic, I’ll not be able to get in anywhere to tell anyone because all my passwords are both impossible to remember and stored in a Windows program. So I printed them out 🙂

Three – Dino blogged that he overheard something – “Heard the other woman say to her “Surely they can’t stop you seeing your mother”. Found that so sad, especially at this time of year” Now I’m not arguing with you Dino ! Honest! I do find all this festiveness incredibly shallow though. I know what Dino means, but why do we attach so much meaning to events ? So much emotional stuff that isn’t really so much to do with us but more to do with the way society wants us to feel ? It’s like we all know someone we love, and I mean love, but we won’t tell them – and when they die we’ll wish we had. It’s like the way people attach all that New Year crap to what is actually just another day – right now there will be people saying “I’m going to…… stop boozing / go to the gym / lose weight / get out of debt / etc ” Just do it today will you ?
If it matters Christmas Day, it should matter every day.

One thought on “3 things

  1. I was thinking more along the terms of this being the time of year that families make the extra effort to be together and there this woman couldn’t see her Mum….and she’s in her 40’s! Also she’s gonna feel worse not seeing her at this time of year for the same reason I’ve just outlined. Its a sad thing anytime but worse now.

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