On deleting T2

This may come across as big-headed which is not the point, and just maybe there is something worth remembering in here ……
I’m debating killing off the /T2 directory, or at the very least deleting every post and comment made on here. Why ? It’s a combination of Google, hits, validation and variety.

Hits: Back in January when I started with WP, my bandwidth was set at 600meg/mo and I now use in excess of 3.5G/mo. Not huge in the grand scale of things, but huge enough for me that at times it has worried me due to possible hosting limitations. Quite a lot of traffic here is due to the WordPress Guides – a figure of 100,000 page views is a minimum I think – and the repeat traffic there is around a factor of 3 (so the number of hits is around 30K), but then I looked at the stats I have in the bottom of the menu the other day. Total visits: 47,233 Total Views: 62,904 since the start of June. While the first number is important (in a way) the second shows that hardly anyone comes back for a second read. Given that all us bloggers have our own repeat audiences, that repeat factor is low, and a number of them can be attributed to the fact that I help out at WP a bit so people click on my name to see what this place looks like. So, I get a lot of visitors who take one look and never come back 🙂

Google: I have done nothing at all to encourage Google to come here and poke around. In fact, back in October I noted that after emails from me, Google were reducing the number of times they hit here. I find that increasingly when I google for information on something I may have written about before, I turn up in the first page or two of results. Now this is one aspect of blogger behaviour which crops up at times and I never have been able to get my head around – Google ranking. When we go to a Search Engine, aren’t we after definitive results ? Isn’t it annoying when you are trying to find something only to have blog entries clutter up the display yet people are equally keen that their view (on everything from World Order down) gets as high as possible in the results ? What you are looking at here is a blog, just a blog and what I write has little importance – yet Google places me quite high at times. That would go to explain the poor number of repeat visits would it not ? At least in part. But Google cannot be spoken about without the last two initial points;

Validation & Variety: In reverse… I write about everything and anything. I specialise in nothing. There is nothing at all wrong with that, but it does mean I cover a wide range of subjects in no depth whatsoever hence Google will return me widely too. The Validation is – I think – very important. The code on these pages is xhtml valid and it’s also semantically correct too – I made a change or two after reading this entry from Kubrick designer Michael Heilemann – so I’m not making life difficult for Google et al to crawl over, make sense of and return the content.

So in a nutshell, I write about a lot, I write neatly, Google shows it off and I get lots of people come here. (Who take one look and never come back 🙂 ) Why is this a problem ?
It isn’t. Not at all. But I’m not here to have a ton of hits, or to have a very high repeat rate (and talking about this or doing it will not do anything for that – I ain’t daft) I’m not here to show off an archive list (is the archive list the bloggers equivalent of the flash car / penis extension thing ?), I’m here for me. I’m here for me to write what I want, when I want.

Keep it: It’s a history of my thoughts. I might possibly have said something useful in a post somewhere once. Being able to say “Yea…I’ve got a 5meg db, 2500 posts and 8000 comments” is cool. (No it is not).

Delete it: It’s cluttering up Google with crap. I can keep a db export for searching if I want (I wouldn’t). I’m more than the content of this blog – really, I am.

It’s a blog, it’s disposable – there are far far more important things in life than a blog.

The debate continues….

(Just to be clear, I’m not talking about deleting the domain or site, or about stopping using WordPress. I’m just talking about emptying a couple of tables, that’s all).

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7 thoughts on “On deleting T2

  1. Well Google will still list the pages you deleted for a good while I’m still getting hits from the 50 posts or so I dumped when I played with MT before switching to WP. I didn’t think they said anything profound so just deleted them. I hadn’t got into any kind of stride then so it was a lot of rambling.

    I don’t think I could delete the lot now. See it’s for me, screw the rest of ya 😉 I’d like to maybe look back in a few years time over some of the posts. I’m truly using my personal site as a mind and feeling dump.

    Hehe, you did give me my first laugh this morning with the “I’m cluttering Google with crap” inuendo…somehow methinks you aren’t alone in that respect or solely responsible for the rubbish on Google. There is a lot more that could really be classified as junk. I don’t think you’re polluting the web too much 😉

    Maybe you’re just after a fresh start? I remember you posting about anonymous blogging…see some people read more than once 😀

  2. Morning Gary 🙂

    Aren’t random thoughts wonderful things ? I honestly don’t know if I will, but seeing as I do write about anything, and I was awake early, and I needed to test the –more– tag again..

    And anon blogging ? I’d do that too !

  3. I couldn’t imagine ever deleted my blog history -if I had anywhere near as many posts as you.

    But then I am a great collector of junk! (my posts that is, not yours! :smile:)

    I’d at least keep a backup, and let it collect dust on some forgotten shelf somewhere, just think -when your old and senile you can use it to help remember what you got up to in life.

    Wouldn’t that be depressing! 😛

    (PS: Nice spell check, but how come the word “blog” isn’t in the dictionary? This seems an ever so slight omission to me……)

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