A Revelation

If you have no experience of being on the receiving end of adult mental health services in the UK, this will mean precisely nothing. If you do, I’m going to make you jealous.

My Psych today was a locum. My expectations were so low ants were strolling over them. But I was wrong:

  • He had read my notes (this alone is worthy of the highest praise)
  • He talked to me, not at me.
  • He listened to me
  • He had a plan
  • He changed his plan positively after talking to me about other health issues.
  • He was realistic about what needed doing, the timeline involved, the fact he was a locum and could only initiate a plan which will take months to come to fruition (hopefully)
  • He agreed what needed doing in the next 2 weeks between us.

For the first time in many many months, I actually feel like there is hope for me to get my head back to normal. That will take a long time, but if it swiches the light at the end of the tunnel from being an express train to sunshine, that’s no bad thing eh ?

3 thoughts on “A Revelation

  1. Yay for locums!
    The only GP I’ve had up here that made any sense was a locum one…. Why can’t the bastards stay still and help for a bit, eh?
    She even said that the clinic I see in London is “Stupid”.
    Could it be that not having the fear of it biting them in the ass, gives them the ability to make bold, radical and helpful suggestions?
    Aside from that… All I can suggest is that NG1 has one of the best facilites for coping with all of this stuff, and it goes *Far* out of it’s way to do it..
    I love Dr Baker.
    huzzah for feeling better.
    Oh and sod your spell checker, I’m feeling brave.

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