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Lots of files updated from cvs – the whole admin section seeing as there were so many. Most of the changes outside of index are in wp-comments and they have been transferred over – but I forgot about edit-form-advanced. I’ve said it before somewhere here, but I really dislike the default screen for posting with respect to the details of a post.
When I login, I title the post, then write, then decide what I’m doing with it. Is it a draft ? Allow commenting ? and although I don’t use it, would I like a password ? And that’s before me wondering whether I want to Save and Continue or just Publish. As it is, default behaviour means having to scroll up to get some of those options, then back down. If it’s a long post and I edit, I have to do this a few times. Annoying. Tedious.

Simple cut’n’paste job. Not pretty, but effective.
I title, I write, I have all my decisions there in one place.
It did look better in the form I just over-wrote … which is probably somewhere in my backups… but you get the idea. And I’m sure someone who is better at aesthetics could do a nicer job 😉

Do you like the new colours ?

Still no nicotine.

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