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Lots of files updated from cvs – the whole admin section seeing as there were so many. Most of the changes outside of index are in wp-comments and they have been transferred over – but I forgot about edit-form-advanced. I’ve said it before somewhere here, but I really dislike the default screen for posting with respect to the details of a post.
When I login, I title the post, then write, then decide what I’m doing with it. Is it a draft ? Allow commenting ? and although I don’t use it, would I like a password ? And that’s before me wondering whether I want to Save and Continue or just Publish. As it is, default behaviour means having to scroll up to get some of those options, then back down. If it’s a long post and I edit, I have to do this a few times. Annoying. Tedious.

Simple cut’n’paste job. Not pretty, but effective.
I title, I write, I have all my decisions there in one place.
It did look better in the form I just over-wrote … which is probably somewhere in my backups… but you get the idea. And I’m sure someone who is better at aesthetics could do a nicer job 😉

Do you like the new colours ?

Still no nicotine.

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  1. Good work on quitting smoking. It’s the best thing to do, really, even though it can be hard. The rewards are never that easy to spot, but notice how much easier it is to walk – etc. You’ll be amazed. Stick with it, and good luck.

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