Rambling again

This page now validates as xhtml STRICT. No doubt a post or comment will throw this out either in the future or in an archive, so if it does, I’ll sort it then. Going back over hundreds of posts right now doesn’t fill me with joy.

Anyone know of a really good alternative to Winamp ? I think foobar is the only credible OSS alternative, but any low footprint player is good to try.

And Blunkett has gone ….. shame, I still think he is a good man. At most he is probably guilty of love, he isn’t a criminal (like Michael Howard), he hasn’t used his position to feather his own financial nest (insert names of ANY Conservative MP’s), he hasn’t used his position to accuse the media of lying (Johnathan Aitken – y’know, the guy with the Sword of Truth and Justice!), he hasn’t taken money from a rich bloke (Neil Hamilton), he hasn’t shagged a minister while preaching values (John Major) … I could go on for ages here … Blair’s loss …. but then that’s a good thing isn’t it 🙂

And all day News24 has focussed on this siege bus in whereveritisIforgetrightnow. Why ? It’s a bus so it can’t fly, the driver had nicked the keys so it was going nowhere. Somewhere in the BBC, an editor had a ghoulish “It might be blown up and I want the pictures !” moment didn’t he ?

3 thoughts on “Rambling again

  1. I tried that a couple of days ago, but I couldn’t get it to played enqueued music – so it didn’t last long 🙂

    Tonight’s mission: get scite to open in the same window repeatedly. As it is, I click a file, it opens. I click another file, it opens again. I want it to open in the same instance just in a new tab.

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