Not multi-racial then ?

‘Euthanasia’ rebellion defeated because “the government has promised a church leader new safeguards to ensure killing was not authorised.

WTF ??

All of a sudden the Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff has influence over MY life ? A leader in a bigoted church wants to alter how I might want to live my life ? What in hell has it got to do with HIM ?? Since when does the Govt owe this person a favour of any sort ? Since when does this Govt – a Govt that would scream from the rooftops that they lead a multi-racial and multi-religious society – have to ask someone from the Catholic bloody church ??

This issue is not about what one or two people want and therefore how the law should be shaped. This is about how the people see the laws evolving, how the people see that due to medical advances we could be kept alive in a vegetative state or not when we clearly do not want this and have expressed this desire repeatedly to the satisfaction of everyone. (Except some religious fool who would be better advised to sort his own house of troubles out first – send some money to Oregon maybe.)

Religion. Bonaparte said it best:
“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.”