New Image

If it looks the same, CTRL-F5.
It’s not my image – I have requested permission to use it here – but it sums up quite a lot for me: the colours, the symbol itself, the textures.
Right now I’m looking at 4 posts I got in draft – all written today, all written to try and describe just how the scenery is inside my mind, and they all fail. They fail for different reasons, and cobbling them together while it illustrates a mess, does nothing to actually describe what it’s like, how it feels …..

When you take a car to be fixed, you drive in, open the bonnet and the mechanic does his stuff, maybe he asks you to press a pedal or two, but he generally just gets on with it.
But if you drove in, he lifted the bonnet and found that he couldn’t see the engine, and although he could hear some stuff, he had to ask you most things, you wouldn’t have a lot of faith in him being able to fix your motor would you ?

It’s very very strange inside my head at times….