I did what ?

Fragmentary … my memory of last week is very broken, and that feeling / knowledge is odd, almost disturbing.

Pfffft…anyway…new plugin down on the right: del.icio.us cached. I really like del.icio.us and follow a lot of the geeky links, though I’ve tended not to bookmark a lot relying instead on my usually very good memory. As that is proving itself increasingly poor, help is needed. I checked our Furl and Spurl too but I’m not as sold on those just yet – and I don’t know of a nifty WP plugin either 🙂

My admin view has taken a turn for the better though, with some nice work by Randy though I have buggered about with it and moved a couple of bits around. Worth a look !
Speaking of Randy, he’s using SILC which I can’t get to work on Gaim, but I can get into with Silky. Problem is that Silky neither beeps nor flashes on activity which makes using any channel very tricky – and very annoying. Anyone got any ideas ? Saying that, I’m going to again try the Gaim method and reinstall GTK.

New tutorial here: How to make Static Pages.

10 days to Christmas, and 2 girls who refuse to ask for anything. Bugger.