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Started a torrent download last night and woke this morning to an iso of some cool OSS. I’m running a lot of it anyway (Thunderbird / Firefox / FileZilla / Open Office / Gaim / 7-zip) but it’s still got programs to explore. Installed is now:
The Gimp
Scintilla Editor
To make myself try The Gimp (and there seems to be a good manual on the CD too) I’ve uninstalled PSP, Scintilla is now the default editor for all files, and TuxPaint is there in case I find Gimp too tricky 😉 (The girls will play with that too).
There is also some good info on the CD about Ubuntu which I shall read with interest after talking about it recently with Carthik…..

It’s worth looking at:http://www.theopencd.org

12 thoughts on “OSS Goodness

  1. A friend in my forums pointed this out to me as well – pretty nifty thing they’ve done.

    mctt: Right-click text file, “Open With”, “Choose program”, browse to and select SciTE, check “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”.

  2. Good on you Mark! Of course I’ve been using all theose apps for well over a year now 😛 One of the great things I love about Linux is that when I installed it, it came with all those applications (and a thousand more) and they all just worked.

    Judging from your experiance, The Open CD might be a great way to introduce some of my friends to OSS software, unfortunatley I’m still on dial-up and it might just take a while to download it.

  3. Thanks for the quick answers on how to associate SciTE with everything text. I do use one of those methods and cheers for suggesting a new one. I just really wanted to totally replace notepad. Raplacing the notepad.exe does not work as the reg keys have some extra parameters that SciTE can’t handle.
    I kind of dig how something like Media Player Classic works with its own interface. Of course this would be bloat in a cross platform app like this. I just wondered if there was a cunning device for quickly setting up a right-click (context based) menu that would do this like Textpad has.
    I had a look around sourceforge.net but could not find what I was looking for.

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