X Factor

As I sit at this machine, the TV in this room is behind me. In fact, it’s always there, just as it has been since the program started. This means I don’t see the performers (I’m lazy and can’t be arsed to turn around), I just get to hear them. It’s about music ? It’s about sounding good ?
Then how in hell did the tuneless wonder win ?

2 thoughts on “X Factor

  1. Nooooooo, it’s NOT about music at all, it’s about a packagable merchendisable profitable product to fit a pre written business concept.
    They don’t hide this fact at all… on the other hand, from advertising royalties alone, the show will have turned a large profit by the time they have a “winner”.
    Even if this winner *NEVER* sells a CD, *NEVER* makes any actual music, they *WILL* have turned a profit…. It’s very clever really.
    Stop texting you losers, you’re affecting NOTHING but “interactivity stats”

    Also: G'(sunday)Morning

  2. Surely they also take a get from the revenue raised by people txting and calling it too? These shows have got to be the biggest money spinners there is, afterall they don’t even have to pay for real talent. It’s the public who come on these shows an help fill the TV execs pockets I feel sorry for, afterall how many of them actually see any of that money for their troubles?

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