Odd thing this ‘blogging’ malarkey. I want to write, I want to be read, but then sometimes I want to write in the same place but I don’t want it to be read, or I don’t want it to be commented on, but I do want to write.
Writing becomes a therapy, a coping mechanism, a useful way of ‘thinking out loud’ – a habit. For a lot of topics, where it is written about matters little, but when it comes to personal stuff, it matters a whole lot.

I think it’s a truism to say that if you don’t want people to know things, then you really shouldn’t be putting it on the internet. Most of don’t have the skills to really lock access down definitively – including against bots. Using passwords is a step in the right direction, but then you need to take great care that not only is your password really secure, but that you trust your friends too – they can not only pass the password on, but were you to use IP permissions in the htaccess file, they could instead pass over the entire contents. I have had such protected places in this domain before – they have gone – and I have set up numerous .htaccess protected blogs for people too. Despite knowing what I do about .htaccess (which is some, but not enough), I’m not doing it again. I’ve thought about it, and I nearly did so last night, but no.

Writing words on my domain means the words are mine. Writing words and putting my name against them also brings effects back to my door. But writing them away from here, under a name you do not know and will not associate with me gives me freedom. Freedom to write what I like, yet coupled with the need to censure myself so as to keep everything unlinked – and by the reader unlinkable. It’s been done by others, and I think it’ll work for me.

3 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. So does this mean you’re setting up anther blog elsewhere? I haven’t thought along those lines. I figure if I want to say something I’ll just do it and “suffer” any consequences. When it comes to personal stuff I reckon that if I don’t want to mention it in my blog I probably don’t want to mention it at all even to a select few. I have set up a “private” page with password protection (done internally through TXP rather than htaccess) but haven’t got round to using it yet. I figure I might just use it for notes to myself, sort of like a site management system.

  2. As you know, I’ve said everything publicly, I don’t have the liberty of privacy, but I know what you mean.. There *plenty* I don’t blog, ’cause of who could come across it any day, work collegues especially. I might want to show them pics on my gallery, but then they can obviously trackback my domain and find *all* the content.
    It’s odd, I do feel a need to use computers and the internet as a repository of feelings, and my identity, but the truth is that you cannot trust the world with your whole identity, someone somewhere *WILL* take offense… seems kind of sad. Thing is that this whole system is *designed* to be linked, searchable, and useable. That makes hiding kind of tricky. makes you wonder if you fully know *anyone* at all…

  3. Part of me says just post and be damned, but part of me also knows there are people reading this page – or who have the ability to do so – that I do not want to read it. Seeing as the information which I have asked for will not be forthcoming, I am therefore reluctant to write information here.

    Another blog ? Maybe … not yet decided. I have set some up (4 in fact) at free providers, but right now I’m just playing with their feature-set (or not).

    Cat …. yup, true

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