Seems we have a little positive discrimination going on .. No action on ‘gay Jesus’ – police. So, a play, a work of fiction, the Police saying “We’ll be here to facilitate each individual’s democratic rights and their freedom of expression, and that’s on both sides.” that Jesus was queer is fine. Good. I have no problem whatsoever with that. “Freedom of Expression” – nice phrase. Very nice.

Let’s say a play opened in a provincial town tonight, and the contents of the play revealed that a historical figure in Iran was gay, or that Mohammed was a slave to the ‘pink oboe’, does anyone think for a moment that the authorities would let such a ‘freedom of expression’ continue ? Hell no. We’d have demonstrations, riots even, just because a minority – while very happy to see the mainstream religion of this country get lampooned and satirised – would take huge umbrage and offence that anything to do with them can be taken as lightly. They would insist, demand even, that action be taken, they’d drag lawyers out the fretwork to sue, they’d just go on and on and on and on about it, and not see that they were not only being hypocritical, but that the very system they wish to see protecting them CANNOT do so if it is to follow the standard which it sets itself – arguably the very standard which makes the UK so attractive.
And this isn’t racism – it’s a rant against positive discrimination.

Either discriminate against everyone, OR no-one.
Trying to tread a middle path isn’t just impossible, it’s dangerous.

One thought on “Hypocrisy….again

  1. I came to this site to get help with the install of wordpress and noticed this post.

    I am Muslim and find such “expressions of free speech” quite offensive, be it about Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, etc… I will take issue however with the fact that such a play about Mohammed would be “shut down” by the authorities. Last year, I believe, a pornographic movie was made in Texas about Mohammed and nothing was done about it, which I am not sure could have been done anyways. Muslim organizations screamed and yelled about it, which in turn only drew more attention to the porno movie.

    I think one will find that what you referred to as “mainstream religion of this country get lampooned and satirized” is not coming from minority religious groups, Muslims, Jews, Hindu, etc.. rather from others who claim to practice Christianity.

    thanks for the help with wordpress, by the way.

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