Thursday Ramble

Standing still in any public doorway, particularly those in busy thoroughfares, should be a Capital offence with instant justice meted out to all offenders. Shooting preferably.

Thunderbird 1.0 is looking good. It works with Enigmail too, and all my emails from this domain are now signed. If it’s not signed, it’s not from me.

Debating just how much to update my .htaccess later. If I do it how I really want, it’ll annoy quite a few people. Not that I care, just that they may make a whinging noise. Like that sort do.

Still writing my ‘Help’ thing …. no closer to an answer, but I’m still writing.

Chatting to OFJ the other day, and he said to look out for some music, and I’m sure he’ll call it something better (like Bond), but to me it’s Classical Trance, and while I’m on the subject, Gary posted recently about Snow Patrol. Damn good stuff, esp the first track – How to be dead

2 thoughts on “Thursday Ramble

  1. Not a fan of Snow Patrol, due to over exposure in their early days… they were recording a lot in studios I worked in, and listening to ’em for hours on end turned me off totally… should really check out the latest album tho…

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