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It’s complex, and I don’t understand the complexities, but sometimes things look very very simple.
IRA statement ‘declaration of peace’, but Ian Paisley won’t have any of it – “because the IRA would not allow a photographic record of decommissioning.” Mr Paisley – just say it straight – you’ll accept nothing at all will you ?
The IRA could give you poster sized photographs, memory cards stuffed full of mega-pixel images, videotapes of all the guns and ammunition being totally and completely destroyed – but you still wouldn’t accept it would you ? The IRA could do that, but then what’s stopping them from buying more weapons ? Nothing, nothing at all. What’s stopping the Unionist groups from doing exactly the same ? Nothing, nothing at all. The simple fact is that people like Paisley – from my ‘Brit’ point of view – aren’t actually seeking peace at all. They seem almost to be perversely pushing things closer to conflict by their stupid schoolyard demands – and even invoking the name of their god while they do it !

No matter what any of the leaders say – regardless of religious leanings – if anyone at all believes that every gun and bomb has been turned in / handed over / destroyed in Northern Ireland then they are fools of the highest (lowest ?) order. All that really matters is that people stop killing each other.

And this death will continue just because someone wants a photo ?

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  1. Ah but according to him its not just one photo in question but a whole catalogue of photos….his demands are just getting more and more ridiculous by the day! The stupid thing about it is the Decommissioning Body were going to create a photographic record of it anyway and it was only when Paisley started shouting his mouth off about humiliating the IRA that it became a problem. As you say it seems he will do anything not to sit down in government with Sinn Fein. I do find it difficult to understand why he let it go so far and raised so many hopes though.

    I’m glad to see that a ‘Brit’ is able to see it so clearly and to be able to get past the history of the IRA and the atrocities they have committed in the past.

    At least this is another small step forward to a complete resolution. The more steps forward they take the more difficult it is to go back to ‘the good old days’ of the 70s and 80s!

  2. Excellent topic Mark

    Top and bottom of it is with out conflict whats Ian Paisley got. Nothing. By the looks of him on TV he isnt long for this world. Sad thing is though I am sure there will be an other to step in to his shoes. lets all hope that for the people of Northern Ireland That is a resolution to it all.

  3. dino – what has happened matters, but not enough to stop the peace process. No doubt he would bleat about how the ‘other side’ gets all the publicity while his side have been a force for good for soooo long, yet he didn’t mind his side getting no publicity for their share of the violence.

    Paisley needs to die, and soon. He carries the hatred too deep (yet would preach forgiveness!!) and peace can never happen with him – his very fabric is so opposed to anything at all that resembles equality, even if that would mean no further death.

  4. Paisley has a lot to answer for in the early 70s. His own brand of hatred towards Catholics led to a lot of the troubles in NI and actually helped bring back the IRA. Now he won’t let them go away…ridiculous!

  5. The strange thing is, he’s loaded, doesn’t need more power, he’s just an arguementative prick. The biggest problem, is that no side up there wants to loose… it’s a conundrum, but they just don’t want to be seen as giving in. Compromise doesn’t come easily.

    Oh, and lets just point out that the most active killings in recent years have all been UDA and Unionist feuds, not republicans!

  6. “Oh, and lets just point out that the most active killings in recent years have all been UDA and Unionist feuds, not republicans!”

    Agreed but to be fair the IRA have been involved in a lot of other organised crime north and south of the border, including loads of punishment shootings that don’t always make the major news bulletins.

    I wonder how the organised crime element of the IRA will be stopped or even curbed by the proposed disarmament and disbandment?

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