Should I tell you ?

Noticed that two days ago, an aggregator has stopped carrying my feed. No doubt related to my linking behaviour that day – but also possibly related to another factor which for now will remain unsaid. I shall wait and see what happens ….

If you are after a listing of what’s what in the world of WP styles / Themes – it’s here (Forum link).

I’m pondering what to do about WP help outside of the forums – some days it’s getting very very silly. It’s not just people wanting to not bother with the forums, it’s those who keep going with “just one more thing” and they don’t seem to give a toss about the amount of work they are asking for. It’s not the very occasional person who will be straight and say “I need a lot of work, let’s do a deal” – that’s fine. It’s others who don’t seem to realise that they may be the 3rd or 13th email that day asking for help. Ack….I don’t know.

And I’m ill again. Properly ill. Go Docs and him say “Oh dear” …….. oh dear.

5 thoughts on “Should I tell you ?

  1. My blogroll hasn’t been noticing your blog as updated since December 6th. What’s up with that? You’re definitely not the only one, though. 🙁

    For WP help outside the forums, I’d restrict yourself to just major help. The nitpicky issues really should be brought up in the forums – as if you didn’t have enough on your plate already?

    A few times, I was tempted to just email you, but I try to restrain myself. I end up finding my answer in the WP forums, that’s for sure.

    I’d understand if you had to come to that. 🙂

  2. No idea about the updating….. I did remove the a2b ping, but pingomatic remains.

    Thanks for the help comment, though you can ask whenever you want !!
    I’m pondering right now and I’ll no doubt come up with an idea (of sorts) very soon – I’ve got private email on this too which is making me think. Tricky…my values colliding with a form of exploitation…

  3. Hope you feel a bit better soon Mark. I’m having a day off too – after a week fighting I have surrendered and now need a day’s rest.

    Helping people outside of the forums. Well, you have helped me on many occasion and I have been exceptionally grateful of this fact each time. I guess the one comment I have to say is this. There is a word in the English language which is very easy to pronounce and has only two letters. Use it and I do not think people will be offended.

    And the next time you ask me for any help, guess what my answer will be…and the next time and the next time…YES! 🙂

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