GWB has brains ?

Amazing new from across the Atlantic: US rules out joining Kyoto treaty. And the reason for this is ……. “Dr Harlan Watson said efforts to cut emissions were based on bad science.” That’ll be the bad science as agreed by some of the world’s top brains then ? Instead of this awful science, the US will be “implementing President George W Bush’s plans to promote energy efficiency.”

Seriously ….there are people in the US who actually think that GWB has better ideas than THE REST OF THE WORLD ?? FFS …..
Yes, I do know that his personal ranch is actually a model of efficiency, but he’s not echoing that in the US Economy is he ? In all matters economic, he is just doing what the mega-companies are telling him to do. And he is happy to take all the kick-backs, happy to let the pollution continue, happy to let the destruction continue – because he had a BIG IDEA (that’s what he was told he had after they told him anyway.)

It’s not that this is happening which is worrying, it’s the fact that some people actually believe this crap.