Do you dance ?

I went to buy a book today. I’d like to learn some PHP and this book was mentioned as being quite good. I’ve already got PHP for the World Wide Web but it just doesn’t click with me.. not sure why, but it doesn’t. Anyway, off I went, and into Waterstones I wandered.

Browse. It’s a good word for behaviour in a bookshop. To browse…..

I don’t know the all rules, but I know what the rules are not. I know to move slowly but purposely when in the section I am interested in. I know to stand back from the shelves while perusing a possible purchase. I know to remain aware of others so that I do not impede their progress in selecting their volume of choice. It’s like unwritten choreography – all of us respecting each other, never touching, not asking, not even speaking yet all of us understanding the unwritten rules as we move in what is a small space yet we reach out for books – the reaching out takes the dance out of the behaviour we have on public transport where we guard our space yet completely ignore everything and everyone else. This all makes buying a book a tranquil experience – so why do fools spoil it so ? Why has no-one taught them the dance steps ?
And the book ? Didn’t get it – far far too expensive and unjustifiable for me. Got the girls a xmas present instead 🙂

3 thoughts on “Do you dance ?

  1. Hi, I just got the PHP and MySQL book you mentioned as a birthday present. I am trying to teach myself, working on building a blog, website, etc. I like your blog. After I get far enough into the book, I can let you know my thoughts on it if you like.


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