Google Groups Beta Bad

Tried it ?
It’s not good.
I wanted to hunt something down that I knew was on usenet, and with this new way of doing things, it takes much much longer. There is much less screen space devoted to the actual texts, and whereas before you had the message tree on the left and the text everywhere else, it now has a third column on the right. A column for ads no doubt, but right now it has one of those foul scripted boxes that follows you down as you scroll – I can’t abide them – cheap and nasty coding.
Even the tree display is not default, so given the new spacing and the auto-hiding of some text, it makes following conversations that much harder – surely Google can do a better job of this ??
I know they’ve bought all of usenet history from deja, but this mess they are making will just keep me and I’m sure others away from using the service – even with the fantastic Adblock being comprehensively used here.

I did find what I was after though, but I’m not a pedant. Not tonight anyway.

3 thoughts on “Google Groups Beta Bad

  1. I agree completely.

    Somebody needs to write a filter. It could take the form of a server on your own machine that would relay requests from your browser to Google and then strip out the ads and the extraneous navigation from the replies before sending them to your browser. To use it, you would update your etc/hosts to send to your machine (or wherever else the filter is running).

    Better yet, someone needs to build a competitor. To do that, you would need a usenet archive for starters. I heard someone in Germany has several terabytes, covering the period since 2000.

  2. Yup, tried it a few months ago, think I ranted about it then. Horrible.
    And “create a new group”? Trying to kill off yahoo groups maybe. It’s odd, I thought that on usenet, even if you were looking for naked jelly donkey wrestling, there’d be a group for you.
    Just wait, there’ll be “My kewl tato group” “my awesome tatto group” and “i love percings” all alongside rab and upb.
    I can’t wait.
    Oh wait, here’s one –—Who-has-the-best

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