Electrifying Cats

Some time during the night my left arm moved in an odd manner, and today I’ve an awkward pain in my back. As a result, I’ve been unable to take a deep breath all day as the pain kicks in just before my lungs fill or move my left arm much – very very annoying.

WP stuff……I’m playing with a couple of new themes on my machine, and very very nice they both are too. Not enough green admittedly, but still good. I may play and see what comes about. If you are running 1.3, go look at Manji and Persian (there is a Persian version for 1.2).
As mentioned below I’ve also got the link to the latest spamwords list for your options > discussion, so email me if you want them.
And I’ve proposed a WP Wiki day for documentation. If you want to help, please do, but if you just want to suggest things that should be covered, please do that too !